Program Objective

The Graduate Certificate Program is suitable for individuals who wish to acquire an additional skill in the subject of interest.

It is therefore recommended students have sufficient amount of experience or relevant education in the course they wish to apply for. However, students showing interest in the relevant field shall also be accepted into the Program.

The Graduate Certificate Program has been especially crafted for busy working professionals, so that they can continually develop themselves, despite their tough schedules.

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Eligibility Criteria and Related Details

Eligibility Requirement Bachelors Degree or equivalent International Education
Courses Offered 3
Fields 16
Total Credit Hours 96
Program Duration One Year*
Credit Transfer All credit transfers will be accepted.
Prior Learning Credits Previously Earned Credits Will Be Accepted
Student & Alumni Area Personalized student & alumni area
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Study Mode Online, Self paced and Self study.

Please Note:
• Courses may vary on basis of Credit Hours Earned by an Applicant.
• Total Fee will be calculated after deducting the amount earned through Scholarship.
• Since its a Self Paced Program, Overall Duration May Vary.